About Us
Hangzhou excellent lang International English school Yu March 2002 established Yu Hangzhou, is China first home "Ocean tutor" personalized language research and the teaching institutions, Hangzhou English training, and Hangzhou English training institutions, and Hangzhou English training school, and Hangzhou learn English, and Hangzhou English training price, and Hangzhou English oral training, and Hangzhou children English training, and Hangzhou English training which home good, and Hangzhou business English training, and Hangzhou adult English training, has Hangzhou City Board authorized private education institutions qualification, Employment of foreign experts and has obtained, the Bureau's authority to issue licenses.
After nearly 10 years of continuous development, Hangzhou long international English school has set up 20 branches nationwide teaching institutions, hiring foreign teachers over more than 800 people, has become the largest "Ocean tutor" foreign language training bases, training 20,000 Professional foreign language talents for society, including children, youth, adults, and customized training. Its unique "one ocean family" teaching methods, including China Central television, Hangzhou television and major newspapers, networks, media attention and coverage.