Four major magic weapon for winning the IELTS speaking according to foreigners thinking to think

Should first learn how to use simple English to define the skills there are three words in the eyes of Westerners, "Who am I?" "Where I come from?" and "Where I am bound for? "。 First is what they think about identity, to define their own, shows that they are experiencing a concept is always unconsciously want to define it. Hou two sentence actually is on life of defined, was said life is a, process from cradle to grave (life is a from cradle to graves of process) in we exam of when total has new of concept is new of topic out to, some is we by known of, just rarely to thinking, some is is has never no involved had, but actually is we lack found of eyes, or is on now majority care of hot events lack concern, These are called new oral topic---tough topic. In fact some topics in our lives but ten or twenty, friend, food, travel, holiday, and so on. For example, some students do carefully defined book? or asked yourself "what is a book?" This question? if you think, believe that, at least, to come up with a couple of key words, for example: printed or written, paper material, give knowledge, enlightening, or extends to today's electronic books. The benefit of this approach is that you can grasp the theme of the question and will not deviate from, but you can also say a few words. Suggest the best can often read English definition of the word in the dictionary, I believe students would benefit.
Second, we can simple called paraphrase, is with different way to explained like students are like see beauty drama, movie works, but see of while has no learn to what? remember friends friends remember in the has a set told Rachel of male friends to visit she home, she arrived with door said has a sentence, "This is an ordinary House, It's got rooms, walls and ceilings. "Although said is nonsense, but it is in the interpretation of what is a House. Usually have to do more thinking, such as Peking Opera is a kind of traditional culture, treasure of the country, to have a special costume, facial make-up, can reach the Beijing Opera master Mei Lanfang, and movies would be better. Again when it comes to the news mentioned above about what everyone is talking about low-carbon (low carbon), ever wondered how to explain it in different ways. If often such exercises, you will have further knowledge on many topics.
Third, can describe the contents of one row order, there is a certain order, clear expression of Chinese from the outside in, Westerners like from the inside, out Center, to other detailed tip. Such words,An8.0-magnitudeearthquakehitWenchuancounty,SichuanprovinceonMay12th,2008. and Chinese must be placed in time and place, and this is the way of thinking of the differences caused by differences in expression. In practice must be aware that although the content, but the sequence is not authentic. Also people in the West like to avoid top-heavy, so it's convenient to do sth, similar to the structure used a lot, but it is regrettable that many students think in similar sentences translation of this sentence.
Finally, learn some idioms good idioms such as proverbs, slang, slang, and quotes proverb, TV movie lines, and so on can be collected, blurted out at the examination, one can fill pauses when you had nothing to say, also shows that you have a wide range of reading, a little ink in the belly. Just imagine when you finish after some answers As the saying goes, all things are difficult before they are easy, (it was a difficult start) the examiner will sit up to you.